Blog What Are SEO Packages?

Few people really understand SEO, so when terms like SEO package are used, it can be confusing. What does it mean when you sign up for an SEO package and is it the best option to help start or grow a business? Read more to find out the benefits, differences, and pricing for SEO packages to start growing your business,

The Breakdown

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of organically driving traffic to a specified site, typically for the purpose of increasing leads or sales. Helping search engines (and customers) find you at the top for relevant searches lets SEO provide more high-quality leads that ultimately equate to sales.

SEO packages are comprehensive and fluid service options that are packaged together for the most convenient and affordable marketing strategy. The services that are provided will vary by the agency but often include:


*Website editing and design

*Content Creation (blogs, pages, etc.)

*Google My Business management

*On-page SEO

*Off-page SEO

*Technical SEO

Who Needs An SEO Package?

By offering everything needed for a business or brand to succeed, agencies can implement a more effective, affordable SEO campaign. Whether you are a large E-commerce company or a fresh start-up business that wants to hit the ground running, an SEO package will relieve the stress of balancing services through multiple providers, keep quality consistent, and give more bang for your buck.

When To Start Your SEO Package?

It’s never too late to start an affordable SEO package and if your business is ready for growth, now is the time. Search engine optimization will not skyrocket sales overnight, but it will steadily increase your traffic, provide high-quality leads, and let your brand develop organically.

What To Avoid

When choosing an SEO package, don’t be oversold on services that are unnecessary. Not every business requires “the works” and SEO packages should focus on giving your business what it needs for success while keeing the campaign cost-effective. If your SEO agency offers limited services, think twice. Some agencies only implement certain aspects of SEO, and it shows in the results. Partnering with an agency that can provide everything from content marketing to technical SEO, you get a well-rounded strategy that actually generated leads.

Why Not Buy Clicks?

Depending on your situation, product, service, and budget, you may want to run pay per click advertisement. It’s been proven that PPC is effective in some cases, but you should always do this simultaneously with SEO. When PPC is over, so are the clicks. SEO lets your business stay relevant long-term buy organically increasing your relevancy.