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Schedule a free consultation with our experts to start climbing up search engine rankings.Our team creates a personalized SEO strategy for each client to enhance search engine results, increase your conversion, and build a dominant brand. We will start by reviewing your goals and current position to establish the best SEO campaign for your business.


Next, our experts will create a comprehensive SEO strategy that details your monthly efforts. We set you up with the tools for success from the start, and work with your team to personalize digital marketing services for your business.After working with you on any changes that need to be made, our pros will get to work with an effective SEO campaign.


After we have customized an SEO solution for your business, our team will start working on your site, Google My Business, and content audit, which will allow us to optimize the quality and keyword structure of your existing GMBs and website.Using high-quality content and building pages around relevant keywords lets us consistently improve your search engine results.


The most important part of our process is frequent review. Our team tracks, analyzes, and reports results to keep your SEO campaign up-to-date.We provide clients with the flexibility and customizability to maintain effective, accurate results. Monthly website analytics and target keyword reports give you a transparent view of your SEO services.

Affordable SEO Packages

Check out our Affordable SEO service packages and start ranking for target keywords, elevate business growth, and establish your brand. Each of our SEO packages can be tailored to fit your business with virtually any service you could need from a digital marketing agency.

Google My Business Campaigns | Starting at $350/mo

Our GMB campaigns are affordable and effective, providing real results for medium and small businesses of all kinds. We give you the tools to locally drive traffic, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction with our Google My Business SEO plans.
  • Google My Business audit & competitor analysis
  • Increase quantity & quality of photos
  • Optimize listing content
  • Increase map rankings
  • Consistent posting, replies, & management
  • Monitor Google Analytics

SEO Lite Campaigns | Starting at $750/mo

SEO lite services primarily focus on local SEO and building your online presence. We provide the research, analytics, and experience to grow organically by improving your site quality, keyword usage, content, and conversion with local SEO packages.

  • Keyword research
  • Google My Business management
  • Consulting Services
  • On-page SEO audit
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Backlink building
  • Content strategy and creation

Comprehensive SEO Campaigns | Starting at $1,250/mo

With our comprehensive SEO strategies, we provide everything needed to rank higher and build a successful brand. With full-service SEO packages, you get everything you could ask for to create business growth at an affordable price. Contact us today and build the right SEO package for your brand, business, product, or even yourself.

  • Keyword research
  • Google My Business management
  • Consulting Services
  • Web design and development
  • On-page SEO audit
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Backlink building
  • Guest posting
  • Content Strategy and creation

Our team strives to provide success wherever needed, and a cookie-cutter package doesn’t always fit

We focus on the needs of your business and take pride in working with you to provide effective and affordable SEO service packages for every client. Let our team customize a winning SEO strategy that is tailored to fit your business as it grows.

Boost Your Sales With MB Digital solutions

We are an SEO agency that cares about our clients and wants to see you reach your full potential. Our team is devoted to producing real results and works with clients to create affordable SEO packages without the fluff and fake results. We monitor Google analytics, track specific keywords, and keep you in the loop every step of the way, so you always know where your progress is at.

Search engine optimization is never immediate, and the time it takes to see results will vary depending on your business and selected strategy. Call us today and discuss what you can expect during your SEO campaign.

SEO is used by businesses of all sizes around the world, from auto shops in England to fortune 500 companies for a reason. By working with an SEO expert who’s willing to learn your brand and vision, you can increase traffic to your site and local listings exponentially. Organic SEO will give your website higher amounts of traffic and boost sales by helping you rank for relevant keywords that convert customers. Contact us today and start your search engine optimization services.

We believe that every SEO service provided, whether it’s a small local campaign or National SEO services, should be efficient, affordable, and transparent. Our team strives to provide clear communication while delivering quality results with services that make growing simple. Search engine optimization doesn’t have to cost thousands, and your returns while working with MB will prove it. Our SEO packages are a great solution because we offer flexibility and transparency, so you get exactly what your E-commerce, mid-sized, or small business needs.

Pricing for a local SEO campaign typically starts at $500 but can vary based on your preference and needs. Our comprehensive SEO and marketing services give you the flexibility to grow on most budgets and can be changed, added to, and redirected as we progress. With an SEO package from MB, you receive the ideal digital marketing solution from professionals that have your back and strive for success.

Our National SEO services are priced starting at $1250. This allows you to pursue higher difficulty keywords in a fast-paced, comprehensive SEO campaign. Track your progress while expanding your business exposure with MB’s effective and affordable SEO packages and take the stress out of business growth. Request your free quote and let our professionals find a personalized campaign that fits your ambition and budget.

We recommend exploring our affordable SEO services packages in most cases, but we also provide individualized SEO services to support your business or brand. Services that we offer individually include- site blog section creation, site blog posting, technical SEO audits, buying links, GMB, Instagram, and Facebook profile creation, optimizing website page titles and meta tags, and much more. Schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable SEO providers to find the ideal service for your business.

If our SEO packages are not for you, feel free to contact us for specific service pricing.

Yes, our team can absolutely do branding and search engine optimization for a particular product, service, brand, name, and most other things you need found. We find a specific keyword(s) to target and optimize your product pages for the particular keyword. After optimizing your pages, we will create an advanced link-building strategy to maximize the effects of our SEO strategy. If you have competition for the product, then we will run a competitor analysis to find the best SEO solution for your scenario. Talk to our experts about SEO packages for individual products or services.

Every SEO service is definitely not the same, and each agency will provide a particular set of SEO efforts based on their knowledge, capacity, and willingness to provide a service. SEO agencies also vary widely in their quality. Be cautious when trying to find a digital marketing agency to work with, as some of the “SEO experts” out there rely heavily on keyword stuffing, post obviously fake reviews, generate spammy backlinks, and push out reports monthly that show a bunch of irrelevant results. Your website deserves better, so talk to your SEO agency about their strategy and verify their credentials before diving into SEO packages.

When Search engine optimization is done correctly, search engines will actually reward the SEO efforts with higher credibility and increased rankings. Google and other search engines want to see that you are distributing valuable information and that you are the authority in a subject. Proper SEO strategies do just that, but be wary of blackhat SEO and anything that seems too good to be true.

Our SEO packages give you quality content, authoritative link building, and other elements that Google loves. By starting with technical SEO and fixing any website issues that could inhibit your SEO efforts, we are able to create a “clean slate” to build on. After the fixes are implemented, we create high-quality content to help search engines recognize you as an authority in the subject.

eCommerce SEO packages are ideal for businesses that are not operated from a storefront, focusing on a brand and the products or services provided. Small businesses and storefronts benefit more from local SEO packages, while bigger companies that are operating on national or international levels use eCommerce SEO packages.

On-page optimization activities include quality content creation, keyword research, implementing target keywords, and optimizing the page structure, titles, and meta tags. We add elements that support the page’s authority, like reviews, blogs, and similar products or services, based on a SERP report to put you at the top of search engine results.

SEO can yield impressive benefits for any small business with a website. Our SEO solutions focus on establishing brands and giving local businesses the website traffic they need to grow. Schedule a consultation and talk to our professionals about local SEO services.

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